Why would a guy post "free insider tips"? First nothing is free and second why do I consider myself an insider.
Now about the tips being "insider" information.
I try to get to Vegas about three times a year. The first time I was overwhelmed and didn't even see the Fremont Experience. I stayed at the New York, New York and never left the hotel. Talk about a newbie. So now when I talk about the deuce or the best 99 cent shrimp cocktail, it is because I have ridden that big double decked bus and ate the Golden Gate special. Best of traveling and adventures......Vegas Boy

Shrimp to Sharks

On one end of the strip is Mandalay Bay and you can go to the Mandalay Bay Shark Reef. The cost is about 15 bucks and can take an hour to get through. Not a bad thing if you need to take a break from the tables or if you're trying to figure out how to spend that mega jackpot you just won. On the other end of the strip, downtown old Vegas, is the Golden Gate Casino. The 99 cent shrimp cocktail has been voted the best for years. Again like an old broken record, take the Deuce. 5 bucks. What a deal. If you have never been to old Vegas may I suggest doing this trip after sunset. Contrary to what you might think, if you stay on the well beaten path in Vegas you are as safe as in your backyard. The reason I like the sundown view of Old Vegas is because of all the Neon. Not counting the light show. And as ever, Tips are appreciated. Happy Adventuring. Vegas Boy

Shuttle, Shuttle everywhere, and not a Dime to spend

There is a free shuttle that goes from Harrah's to Rio every 15 minutes. The trick is finding the loading point. Harrah’s is next to Casino Royale and the Venetian on one side, and the Mirage, which is across the street. Just go through the revolving doors and go all the way through the casino, pass the check in desk and out to the taxi stand. The gentleman hailing the cabs will be glad to direct you to the pick up area. As Caesars Palace, Bally's, and Paris are also Harrah’s properties the shuttle will take you there also. You can catch a bus going to Sam’s Town and Fremont street also.
Pick-up times are about every 30 minutes from each casino. No luggage is allowed.
Shuttle times run Monday-Wednesday from 10 a.m. to 1 a.m. and Thursday-Sunday from 10 a.m. to 4 a.m.
Where to pick up the shuttle:Harrah's: Shuttle/Bus/Trolley drop off Rio: Carnival World Buffet entrance Bally's/Paris: Limousine entrance Caesars Palace: Augusta Tower valet entrance

Dude...was that Hunter S. Thompson


If you like blackjack tables that don't cost an arm and a leg to buy in, most of the casino's downtown are pretty good. You can usually find a 5 dollar table there. Another cheap blackjack spot is Slot's of Fun. Take the deuce, get off at the Riviera, walk across the street to Circus Circus or Slot's of Fun. By the way. Slot's of Fun boasts of the best hot dog deal on the strip.
Send some stories about some great food deals you have gotten.
Happy Adventuring
Vegas Boy

Money is for nothing and the Chicks are free

I just got finished visiting with a friend and told her about my next trip to Las Vegas. She told me she hadn't been there in several years so how much money should she take. That's a good question. The first cost is the plane fare. You're going to find the air tickets less expensive mid-week. So if you go from Wednesday to Wednesday and fly a carrier like Southwest it should be no more than about $250.00, but just like the craps or blackjack tables, the price goes up the closer you get to the weekend. Then you've got your hotel. Depending on the location this could be pretty steep. Try this. Compose an email in word about how much you would like to stay at so and so hotel. Tell them you don't even need a bed because you'll be on the casino floor all the time. Google the email addresses of Las Vegas hotels and copy and paste your email and send it to all the casino's you can. Trust me. I've done this and gotten free rooms or deep discounts on rooms. If that's not up your alley, the cost will average somewhere between $100 to $200 per night. Save money on transportation by using free shuttles and the deuce. The food is reasonable. Especially the breakfast specials. So we're talking about a grand for three days not counting your gambling.....and with good money management down pat, you should have a ball at $500 per day. That's $2500, the cost of a Disney trip, and trust me, they have no mega-jackpots at Disney Land.
Happy Adventuring...Vegas Boy

How Free Can It Be

So what if you can take that $2500, stick it in your pocket and go wild with it. hmmmm....that's over $800 a day based on the same information that was given about the cost of a 3 day trip to Las Vegas earlier. Answer: A player's card. One of the most beneficial, square pieces of plastic you will ever put in your hand. When you check in at the hotel either get or find out where to get the player's card. When you gamble on the tables or slots, use the player's card. When you hit a jackpot that you will have to pay taxes on, the player's card can offset your loses against your winnings, When you get free comps like food or rooms, thank the player's card and when you start getting those 3 night complimentary room marketing postcards in your mailbox, be amazed at the power of the player's card. Too good to be true? Nope. This is a true Vegas Boy story. The time before last I stayed in Vegas 14 days, all food comped, all rooms comped. How? The Player's card of course. I chose four casino's to do most of my play. I choose based on how loose or how friendly they are. Using my player's card, I soon built up points. The points can be used for many things but based on your play time, you will start to receive offers from those casino's. They will say something like " 3 free nights in April, May or June". If you overlap the months(go at the end and stay through the beginning of the next month) you have just accumulated 6 comp days. Is that cool or what?
Happy Adventuring.....Vegas Boy


In my last post I was explaining how to get comps. Getting the player's card and using it. Not that hard. But what if you want to get a Vegas comped room and have never played there before. No action on the card. No action for the room. Well you can try the email route and that sometimes works (see previous post) or you can go to a gambling boat that might be closer. Case in point. I used to get comps for free rooms from Harrah's and Rio's all the time. As I started going to other casino's I slowed my play down at Harrah's and they dropped me off the mailing list. Now I like Harrah's because it is convenient to the free shuttles and is easy cab access when you're going back to the airport for departure. But when I'm out there I play more time at other casino's. So this is where the boat comes in. From Nashville I took the $5 dollar bus to Harrah's in Metropolis, Illinois. I had never done this before but for the $5 you get someone to drive you, a free buffet and conversations with a bus load of gamblers. Hog heaven. So I used my player's card, won a little money, and accumulated 200 points. By the way, the 200 points qualified me to get my 5 bucks back....woo hoo...but here's the great part. The 200 points put me back on the mailing list. Yep in my mailbox today was a flyer from Harrah's for free nights in May, June and July not to mention 10 bucks off Toni Braxton at the Flamingo, 10 bucks off Hat's the Musical at Harrahs and one free desert at Voga Ristorante', and since Harrah's owns Bally's, Flamingo, Imperial Palace, Rio's and Paris that special is good for any of there properties. Cool.

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Happy Adventuring....Vegas Boy